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HR Software

HR management can be time consuming, so we have partnered with Breathe HR – a cloud-based, software solution that takes care of all your HR admin and task management so you can focus on growing your business.  


Breathe empowers business owners and organisations to focus on strategic initiatives while reducing the admin burden. The intuitive interface, seamless integrations, and exceptional customer support make Breathe an ideal solution for businesses to optimise HR operations and foster a positive work culture.  

What can HR Software so to help? 



As a Breathe partner we provide the administrative support for your system, troubleshooting your queries and helping you to keep on top of your administration. Access to Breathe can be provided as part a retained package of support or on its own as a bespoke solution. Whatever option you choose, we’ll help you set the system up, select the features that are right for your team and spread the cost through monthly payments. For further details please visit the HR Software page 

To find out more watch this video : Click Breathe HR

Digital, paperless solution

Access the portal anywhere online and remove risk of losing paper documents.

Take control of administrative tasks

A user friendly interface allows you to manage your tasks easily.

Simplify processes

Know everything is all in once place.  Streamline the HR processes.

Feel Confident with employees

Everything in one place, be able to answer any questions asked by employees 

What does Breathe  offer?

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